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About Me

“Do it with passion or not at all”

One of my favorite quotes. 

Hi guys,

Nice to meet you!

Wanna just to introduce myself a bit.

So, hi, I am Valeria, Val or Vale for international friends and Lera for family and Russian friends (seems already complicated eh?)

I am a mixed product of two cultures: Russian (where I was born and grew up) and Swiss one, where I was educated and am currently living and working. 

My story gave me this passion to discover and try to understand the human mind and body functioning. I truly believe that all the processes happening inside and outside of us are interdependent.

My background is International Business and marketing, but also medicine and nutrition.

At the end, my wish for this blog was to share with the world my discoveries and thoughts about very various domains, such as our society and its evolution, marketing and technology, nutrition and health.

Hope you will like it and would be great if you can also share your own opinion through comments, mails or Social Networks.

Your Vale 

And take care