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Hello my dears,
Those who read me regularly know that I am passionate by the holistic health: the existing knowledge as well as new trends appearing in this domain. So no surprise I was very curious to discover, some years ago, the Ayurveda lifestyle and medicine.
What is Ayurveda after all?
In Sanskrit, word “Ayurveda” literally means “science of life”. It describes the lifestyle that maximizes the chance to be happy and live healthy till very old. Originated in India, Ayurveda has been used for thousands of years till today, showing thereby its clear efficiency 😉
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Based on a holistic approach, Ayurveda looks at the body and mind as one, changes in one provoking an impact on the other. In the first place Ayurveda aims to prevent diseases through the adoption of a healthy lifestyle. The goal is to establish and maintain the balance in all domains of person’s life such as nutrition, work, exercise, free time and cleansing practices.
How? Basically, Ayurveda employs the principles of mostly vegetarian nutrition, yoga and meditation practice, massages, usage of herbs, oils and spices for various treatments. It involves also a reconsideration of person’s life principles by adopting a philosophical approach to the daily life and finding inner calm. In a nutshell 😉
Today, in the world of speed and stress, we are often tending to ignore the signals our body is sending us. Sometimes the signals are confusing and not clearly connected to their real cause. Then the symptoms appear and we try to treat them (headache, digestion problems etc.) without trying to understand and heal their root cause. But without that, only symptoms’ treatment cannot provide a definitive recovery and, what is worse, the disease may settle down in the body, making us more vulnerable to external threats such as bacteria and viruses. To prevent this, Ayurveda aims to treat not just the symptoms, but heal its root cause. It is a totally different way of looking at health and diseases.
Find your dosha:
Ayurveda philosophy considers that every person is unique and requires a personal approach, adapted to his or her personality, or what we call a “dosha”. There are 3 dominant doshas in Ayurvedic philosophy: Vata, Pitta and Kapha:
You can easily discover your predominant dosha by doing a Dosha test and adapt your daily routine following some simple principles. Personally I started to collect different tips related to general Ayurveda practice as well as to my own dosha (which is Vata) on my Pinterest board dedicated to Ayurveda.
In my next posts, I will for sure share with you some other interesting facts and tips from the Ayurveda lifestyle philosophy that might help you to get healthier and maintain a balance in your life.
Please, leave a comment if you are interested in a particular topic and I’ll find more specific information about it 🙂
In the meanwhile,
I wish you a nice day, full of health and balance.
Your Vale