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Hello dears,
Did you know that eating fast food can make you depressed, anxious or even hysteric? That receding gums or an ingrown toenail can provoke diabetes? That banging your head during childhood can lead to the epileptic syndrome or violent behavior when growing up?
Looks insane ? Wait a bit and at the end of this article it will be completely logical for you πŸ™‚
Just think about it! Our body is an amazing engine, organized in a super smart way, where everything is connected via a network of nerves and blood vessels. If you touch a roasting pan, you will instinctively remove your hand, right? But this is only possible thanks to the quick response of your nerves that transmit pain signal to your brain which knows that a burned hand is not a good thing for your survival and maybe it would be better to remove it…
And this is valid for literally all the processes in your body…everything is connected and interacts between each other. Every tiny change has an impact on several other processes inside. It is just sometimes hard to see the connection between cause and effect… but since when everything became obvious in this world??
I give you an example. It was proven that your gums condition has a direct impact on your systemic heath. Check the very nice video below for the complete story, but, in a nutshell, bacteria, remaining on your gums and teeth can penetrate inside the body via blood vessels and infect or disturb the normal functioning of organs, provoking diabetes, cancer or cardiac diseases…that gives a huge motivation to brush your teeth at least twice per day, doesn’t it πŸ˜‰ ?

Another example: your gut health and its impact on your psychological state. Did you know that your gut is full of “good” bacteria (called microbiome or microbiota) that are kind of managing your whole body, including digestive, immune and neural systems? Meaning processes inside your gut have a very direct impact on your mental health! Bacteria are processing food but also “expressing” themselves. If your feed them with good stuff, they will thank you and make you fit, joyful, full of energy and always positive. On other side, if you abuse of fast food, alcohol, cigarettes and stress, they will get a revenge… sending a “complaint” signal to your brain through the vagus nerve, telling him to “punish” you with bad mood, depression, or even with violet behavior or suicidal thinking. If you want to dig this “gut” topic a bit better, I recommend you to read an amazing book: “Gut, the inside story of our body’s most underrated organ” .
And the inverse is also true: your psychological state is directly influencing your physical health! International clinical practice has millions of cases inside its records, demonstrating this link:

  • Girls going through a psychological stress or depression lose their period (their pituitary stops producing estrogen..). In medical world, diseases appearing this way are called psychosomatic.
  • Cancer patients getting better when supported by friends and relatives and getting much worse if feeling alone and abandoned..
  • Athletes, that can either beat records thanks to their mental resistance or not being able to even get up get after an injury and loss of their self-confidence…

And that is just an tiny extract of possibilities. Check a nice infographic below that represents quite well the impact of emotions on our health:
So now what? How can you take advantage from knowing this information, will you ask.
Actually, this is a very good news because it will help you to understand the initial cause of each of your health issues and will allow you to treat it in the right way (and the right location).
Some cultures got it since a while. Asian medicine, for example, has a holistic approach of patients treatment since some centuries ago already (yes, they are beyond us not only in technologies.. πŸ˜› ) Indeed, they prone a completely different from the Eastern, focusing on a given organ, methodology, by considering the body as a whole.
A good example is Ayurveda. This traditional Indian medicine aims to establish the balance between the body and the mind, the individual and his entourage. It combines the treatment through the physical approach (with yoga, massages, natural medicine and diet) as well as the treatment by the spiritual approach (meditation and positive thinking). Indians invented actually a nice batch of “healing” activities: Yoga, Ayurveda, Kamasutra… ok, ok, joking.. (or not) πŸ˜›
As a conclusion, I would just share this beautiful quote:

“Fall in love with taking care of your entire self:

Mind. Body. Soul”

Listen to yourself. Your body is your friend…and you listen to what your buddies say and advise, right? πŸ˜‰
On that enthusiastic and positive note, I leave you guys,
Take care sweeties… πŸ˜‰
Your Vale

*Systemic health – health of the whole body