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I am curious

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"I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious." Albert Einstein

Hi guys!

So why this blog?

Being passionate about the world and people, I thought that it would be cool to share the interesting stuff I discover every day.

I hope that my articles will open new horizons for you or will make you smile at least. As they say: “A smile a day keeps the doctor away” (it also works with apples, it seems …)

Have a good day and see you soon on the pages of this blog!

The Library of Knowledge

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How coronavirus changes our society?

How coronavirus changes our society?

Today I wanted to share some thoughts about the current situation of global coronavirus pandemic. It has affected our whole life. Everybody's life on this planet. Honestly, we can consider this period as a WWIII, the war being not between nations but between nations and a virus. An invisible war....

Amazing videos worth watching!

“The Root Cause” video has completely blown my mind! Discover how your mouth health can dramatically influence your systemic health!

My Top 5 of bloggers to follow

1. My Better Self

Louise, from Paris, who inspires is a really inspiring girl that what to prove us that we all should be proud of who we are, without taking care of any “socially accepted” standard.

Follow Louise on Instagram and her Youtube channel.

2. Naturacademy (in French)

Having advised for several years main food and retail groups as strategy and marketing consultant, Benjamin Dariouch was able to observe from the inside the process of new products development, the design of stores that makes us buy more, the power of lobbies or the construction of marketing health and nutrition claims.

To help persons lost in front of these various and often contradictory messages, he developed a unique method to learn the best way to eat, with clear, objective and independently found information. Follow Naturacademy on Youtube  Instagram or visit his website

3. Amet Sit Consecteture

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Best Quotes to be inspired

A small selection of quotes for your daily inspiration.