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Hello my dears,

I will reveal you a secret: the attraction between men and women is just a question of…smell. Not the beauty, not the intelligence, nothing of these. Just your smell. If the other person likes your smell, he or she will fall in love with you and if not, even if you are Angelina Jolie mixed with Mata Hari, or Christian Grey/Einstein, you will never seduce him or her…


And I would never dare to tell that without the support of some scientific facts, of course.

Indeed, psychologists looking through three decades of research discovered that the human smell is a key in the process of the sexual partner prospecting. I explain how it works:

We tend to pick a partner who smells differently from us. That is the way the nature found to “protect” us from getting genetic illness and disorders (via the crossing of too similar DNAs). Studies prove it: in experiments where women have been presented with men’s natural body odors, they seem to favor (unconsciously) the smell of men who had immune genes that differ from their own. Following the evolutionary theory, this sounds quite logical: women would unconsciously choose the partner who have a different DNA, to obtain a diversified mix of immune genes, increasing therefore chances to produce a healthy baby!

Someone’s smell can also give hints about his/her personality, age, health condition and fertility! Indeed, certain organs, such as the hormonal system and our bacterial micro-flora produces odors, communicating thus about our health situation. As a result, any change in this last one, or the intake of a medicine can modify our body odor.


Similarly, our health condition has a huge impact on our “smell preferences”, intervening thus in the choice of the right partner, at the given moment of our life. Studies show that women in the fertile part of their cycle favor the scent of men with high level of testosterone, unconsciously associating it with dominance and confidence, traits that our brain perceive as “protective” for the future baby. #allforbabies

Finally, I want to share with you a funny fact on how this concept was used in the marketing domain :

Wishing to create a buzz around the “smell and attraction link” theory, some French smart guys have recently launched, in Paris, what they called “Pheromone parties”  where participants are supposed to find their “best match” by smelling the used T-shirts, selecting the one whose odor they preferred and having the chance to meet the owner of the desired T-shirt afterwards… 😛 Sounds disgusting, right?

However, this is exactly how the nature programmed us to choose the best, for us, sexual partner… #dirtylife 


On this (good) smelling note,

I wish you a nice afternoon my dears,

Take care,

Your Vale