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Hello my dears,
Today I would like to share some thoughts about the online dating apps, for which I became a kind of “expert”…  But, please don’t think I am a kind of asocial human being, shy and scared to death to talk to guys. Actually, take these and the contrary will be me. However being very pragmatic, I just find these tools more practical and.. efficient to meet someone! Mainly for 3 reasons:

  • Their “local search” feature. I should confess you 2 things. First, that I don’t go out very often in local clubs/bars. And if I do, it is always with friends, which is not very favorable for flirting. Secondly, I am often traveling for various international events (which are my “outings” actually 😛 ), where I always meet a huge number of amazing guys…who live in another countries…#killmeplease. My goal being to meet someone at least in my region, the local aspect of the app is very helpful.
  • The pre-requirement of being single (at least supposed by the concept ): indeed, when you meet someone for the first time, there is no possibility to know his actual status. So knowing since the beginning that the guy is free saves you from a lot of frustrations…
  • The opportunity to “filter” the person according to your common views, opinions and tastes before the actual date, saving your and his time. Important note here: I have to admit that the online conversations do not show all the aspects of the personality and the actual date has to imperatively take place quite rapidly in order to avoid frustrations. You will be surprised how person’s voice, gestures and even smell (oh yes) might influence your perception (taken from personal experience).  

Now, I would like to destroy the main stereotype about the online dating apps: No, the guys are not all looking only for sex there! They are not (all at least) some sort of sexual machines and a lot of them are even quite romantic and look for a serious relationship (and by the way, girls are also humans and can be also interested only by “quick-and-easy” options 😛 ).
Online dating is like going to the supermarket: you can find a large choice of “products” there! The most important is to understand what you really want and need. So the only advice I can give you is to be clear and honest (with yourself and the other) about your expectations.
Finally, I would just like to share some curious online dating stats with you, found on the website:

Told you… a supermarket.

  • 17% of marriages started online (you will maybe consider this tool differently now) : indeed, with online dating, you get very specific about your needs, which makes it quick and simple to find that special someone…
  • The major part (27%) of online daters are 18-24 (they start early..) In comparison, 25-34 represent only 22%; 35-44 are 21%; 45-54 are 13%; 55-64 are 12%, and 3 % are 65+
  • The online dating industry’s annual revenue is $1.8 billion (!)…and it is anticipated to only grow in the next years. Some huge business opportunities over there… just to say.
  • The average online dater spends $243 a year (statistic I am not a part of… 😛 ). Indeed, in their majority, dating websites and apps offer a free subscription to women in order to attract them (men being the higher percentage of users). The ancestral human law works even in a high technological environment – men still pay for women… hehehe
  • 33% of women have sex on the first online dating encounter...not surprised at all. I told you, we are also humans 😉
  • 23% of people think those who use online dating are desperate. Romantic you mean?


On this passionate, weird and desperate (for 23% of persons apparently) note, I wish you a nice evening… I have some profiles to check :p
Your Vale